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Eco-Friendly Geothermal Heating & Cooling Systems

There is one resource many people overlook when considering their HVAC investments. The earth maintains a much more consistent temperature than the air outside, making water source heat pumps much more efficient than air source heat pumps. Geothermal heating and cooling has come a very long way since it’s introduction in the HVAC market. These systems are now designed to handle Wisconsin winters and is the most efficient system we can offer. Many of our technicians are certified by the Wisconsin Geothermal Association as Master Geothermal installers. MHC is the premier Geothermal contact in Columbia, Dane, Iowa and Sauk counties.

Geothermal heating and cooling is nothing but heat transfer. Much like an air source heat pump or air conditioner, a compressor is used to move refrigerant in the equipment. This refrigerant changes state as it runs through many components and piping while absorbing and releasing heat with the assistance of air or water movement. Equipped with a reversing valve, we will reject heat in summer and extract heat in the winter to the earth.

With many options of equipment and loop field styles, we will help you find the best fit system for your needs. Make sure you do your research when selecting a Geothermal contractor. Weather you are serious about installing Geothermal or just looking for some information, contact the professionals at MHC today. You work hard for your money, Modern heating & cooling wants you to keep more of it.

Reduce Power Bills & Go Green

One of the most noticeable advantages to utilizing geothermal energy is a reduction in power bills. By using less electricity on your air conditioning and heating, you will save money on future bills. Before long, the units may even pay for themselves. Additionally, they are a much more eco-friendly alternative to traditional A/C and heating systems. If you are looking to go green, then this is a great way to do so. Something else you are bound to enjoy is the fact that this method is silent. No longer will you have to worry about a noisy unit irritating you all day long.

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Our experts would be more than happy to answer any questions you have about this system. We can also help you out if you are interested in commercial HVAC services as opposed to simply residential ones. You can call us at 608-767-2689, and we will come out to any property in Madison, Middleton, Waunakee, Mount Horeb, Mazomanie, Verona, Fitchburg and Cross Plains.

You work hard for your money, Modern Heating & Cooling wants you to keep more of it.

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Modern HVAC was highly recommended to me. They did a fantastic job on a very complicated heating system conversion/installation that no one else wanted to touch. They have impressive technical skill, knowledge and customer service.
Fantastic company to work with! They do great work and work hard to provide a great customer experience!
Modern was very responsive in repairing my 86 year old mom's AC system that was in need of help. I could not ask for better service

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